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Article categories:  Health | Finances | Productivity | Mindset


Health Topics


Breakfast: Your Best First Decision of the Day
Carbs Are For Burning
How MSG is Secretly Hurting You
Ditch the Diet Soda
Don’t Deny It, You Know You Like This Drug
I Love Fruit and You Should Too


Daily Exercise Routine – How to Make One and Stick With It
How To Exercise While Watching TV
How to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling
Walk, Fidget, or Stretch – It’s Time to Get Moving
Introducing the Incredible New JoyBand Pedometer

Other Thoughts On Health

Anti-Aging Techniques to Keep you Healthy and Young at Heart
How to Create a Healthy Work/Life Balance
How to Say No and Improve Your Health
Why Being Healthy is a Must, Not a Maybe
If Not for You, Be Healthy for Others
5 Free Apps for Better Health
I Kissed Dieting Goodbye
Why You Should Be A Morning Person


Finance Topics


3 Free Tools for Creating a Budget
Budgeting 101: Reviewing Your Transactions
Budgeting 102: How to Save Money & Pay Yourself First
Budgeting 103: How to Adjust for Seasonal Spending
You Need Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Money

Credit & Debt

How to Monitor Your Credit Score (for free, without hurting your credit)
Good Debt, Bad Debt
Now That the Government is Back On… What Happened With the Debt Ceiling?


How To Tackle Your Taxes

Saving Money

Packing A Lunch Lets You Save How Much Each Month?
Costs of Ownership: What Does Your Car Really Cost?
Can Switching to Generic Keep Money In Your Pocket?
Create A Strategy To Take Charge Of Your Frequent Flyer Miles
Discover the Two Tricks to Booking Award Flights
Learn to Search for Cheaper Flights
Save Money On Every Hotel Stay


Financial Newsletters – Are They Worth It?
Are you Gambling or Investing?

Other Thoughts on Finances

Money is a Means, not an End
Why Everyone Should Care About Inflation
Worried About 2014? This Is the Best Way to Boost Your Income
What is the Secret of the Golden Buckets?
Are You Comfortable Talking About Money?


Productivity Topics

Time Management

Time Sinks: How to Curb Your Facebook Addiction
How to Find Time to do Anything
3 Ways to Make the Most of your Commute
Why Smartphones Are Stealing Your Productivity (And How To Steal It Back)
Use These Government Hacks To Stop Waiting In Line


Never Miss an Email Again
A Few Tricks to Help You Remember Things
Write It, Then Do It
Your Latest Idea Could Be Huge – Do This So You Won’t Forget It!
The Easy Way to Keep Track of Gift Ideas

Motivation & Procrastination

The Biggest Reason Why It’s Hard To Get Things Done
Motivation: How to Accomplish Things When No One is Making You
14 Reasons To Quit Stalling And Start Being Awesome
Warning: Perfection is Overrated
The Seven Effects Of Highly Habitual People

Other Thoughts on Productivity

How To Make Your Own Productivity Groove
This is the Secret to Doing Your Best Work
Are You Productive, or Just Busy?
Remove Inefficiencies for an Indirect Productivity Boost

Professional Interviews

SpaceX Engineer Kyle Hosford Shares His Productivity Secrets


Mindset Topics


Do You Think You Can Do It?
A Simple Technique to Avoid Saying “What if…”
Success Takes Determination – Do You Have Any?
How to Infuse Purpose Into Every Day and Make Your Own Roadmap to Success


Reaction vs Response – The Hallmark Of Intentionality
Why You Should Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses
How to Reach Your Goals Without Extra Stress
Forget the What and the How — It’s All About the Why
Mistakes: How to Overcome Them Today and Come Out Stronger Tomorrow

Other Thoughts on Mindset

Overcoming the Fear of Change
7 Facts About Change (And Why You Can’t Live Without It)
Sometimes Taking Is Better Than Giving
How Systems Can Change Your Life For The Better
Startups are More than Ramen and Insomnia
Determination, Discipline, and Distractions
Take a Rest, Pace Yourself, Finish Strong