This is something you might already know, but often ignore.

You know that you shouldn’t procrastinate, but you don’t always listen to yourself (or your boss/professor/spouse…).

But there are PLENTY of reasons why you should do things NOW instead of later.  Being awesome is just one of them.


Reasons To Do Things Now Instead of Later

Let’s just go through the list:

  1. Train your brain to be proactive instead of lazy.  You’ll find your tendencies start to change over time.  You get to decide what you want them to be.
  2. There is less work now.  There will be more later.  Keep your workload at a manageable (and non-overwhelming) level by doing it now.
  3. It’s easier to do now; it will be harder later.  For example, dishes are easier to clean when they are freshly dirtied.  But if you wait for the food to cake and harden, you’ll be sorry you waited.
  4. Avoid the feeling of having something hanging over your head.  No one likes that feeling.  Shake it off quickly by not procrastinating.
  5. Feel more accomplished and on top of things.  This is related to #4 — you will feel more awesome when you get things done.
  6. Set a good example for spouse/kids/roommates.  You don’t like it when other people leave messes and say they’ll clean it up later?  Don’t be a hypocrite – start the trend.
  7. Make it a gift to your future self.  Example: Do you want to come home after vacation to find a pile of unfolded laundry on the floor?  Do it before you leave so that when you come home, you can relax.
  8. Develop self-discipline.  Everyone has to fight the temptation to procrastinate, so doing little things now will prepare you for succeeding at bigger things later.
  9. Less stressful to do it without the pressure of a deadline.  If you are always frazzled and scrambling, you will have greater risk of a heart attack or stroke.  Do it now and take a load off (and save a few gray hairs).
  10. More guarantee of it actually getting done.  Things come up at the last minute.  If you need it done Friday, and you plan to start Friday, and your car breaks down on Friday — guess what, it’s not gonna happen.
  11. Life is easier to manage when you are on top of things.  You’ll find you’re probably less busy than you thought you were.  It’s draining to constantly think about all the things you have to get done — unless you didn’t procrastinate, of course.
  12. Impress your boss/co-workers/colleagues.  Doing things right away makes you look good.  When it comes time for promotions and bonuses, you’ll be the stand-out.
  13. Better quality work if you do it early.  If you wait until the last minute, your work will be shoddy, and it will show.  Starting early allows for more thought and more iterations.
  14. Be fully present in social settings.  Your relationships will be healthier when you are actually listening to the person you are talking to, rather than being preoccupied with all of the things you have to do at some point.  It frees you up to care.


A Theoretical Converstaion

Friend: “Wow, how do you get so much done? You’re amazing!”
You: “I decided to stop procrastinating.  I feel much more on top of things now.”
Friend: “Oh, good for you.  That’s all it took, huh?”
You: “Yep!  It was a little tough at first, but now it’s easy.  You should try it.”
Friend: “Yeah I guess.  Maybe I’ll make a New Year’s Resolution next year, haha.”
You: “Actually, the point is to focus on doing things NOW.  So by waiting for New Year’s you are procrastinating to stop procrastinating… Not a great start, buddy.”
Friend: “Touché.”


Being Awesome Takes Practice

Now Clock

The time is… NOW
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Procrastination is an area where you have to just whip yourself into shape.  It might be tough at first.  But each time you say no to procrastination, it will get easier.

Do you ever debate with yourself?

Ooh, I should really get that outline for Raul.  Do I really want to do that now though?  I still have two days…

The next time you catch yourself having an internal debate like this, STOP.  Take a moment to pause, realize that you are trying to rationalize your procrastination, and then go do the thing you were avoiding.  End of debate.

Once you start being able to recognize this moment of ‘Should I? Shouldn’t I?’, then it will be easier to say no to procrastination.  It won’t always be fun, but it will always be worth it.

You can do it!  It’s up to you to quit stalling and start being awesome — no more excuses!


If you have anything that you would add to this list of reasons to do things now, what would it be?  Leave a comment below!