You’re busy, I get that.

You work long hours, I get that too.

You have too many commitments. That’s understandable.

You have lots of reasons why not. Or why you’ll start being healthy at some point. Maybe.


The Longer You Wait, The More You’ll Regret Waiting

If you start today, instead of next week, then next week you’ll feel better than you do today. If you don’t start, you’ll feel the same or worse. But you can feel better.

If you start today, instead of after your next work deadline, you’ll have more energy to actually make it to the deadline. If you don’t start, you’ll be more stressed, and your work quality will suffer. But you can work better.

If you start today, instead of after you make a New Year’s resolution, you’ll make a huge amount of progress. If you don’t start, you’ll be depressed at New Year’s, instead of excited. But you can be better.

The longer you wait, the more you’ll kick yourself for not starting. As you wait, you are missing out on the benefits of tension-relieving, stress-reducing exercise. The more reasons you come up with to not start now, the more you are telling yourself that health isn’t a priority (and that’s a slippery slope).


Being Healthy Boosts Your Quality of Life

Grandma Lifts More Than You

If she can do it, you can do it

When you are healthy, you can keep up with your nephews & nieces, kids, or grandkids. When you are healthy, you can play the Wii or Kinect without worrying about hurting yourself. When you are healthy, you can ride all of the rides at the amusement park (if you want to).

You can chase down would-be purse-snatchers.

You can run races to raise money for charity, or just to see if you can do it.

You can feel like you did when you were still doing high school sports (or college, whenever you stopped).

You can open your own jars, carry your own boxes, and not get winded going upstairs.

Whatever life you picture for yourself, it will be even better if you are healthy.


Good Health is Not Out of Reach

You may have a list of things in life that you want or need. Being healthy should be one of them.

Not something that would be nice if you had time, but something that you have to do before you have time for anything else. If you still aren’t sure why, read the previous section again.

Your starting point might be different than your friend or neighbor. That doesn’t matter.

It may take months to get to where you want to be. That doesn’t matter.

You may not see results right away. That doesn’t matter.

It might be extra hard at first. That’s not what matters.


What Matters is that You Start Today

No more waiting.

No more excuses.

Start waking up to go run. Or swim laps. Or do push-ups.

Stop eating dessert at every meal. Decrease your portions.

If you need to join a class, join a class. If you need a workout buddy, drag your friend along.

You can make changes gradually. As long as you are making changes.

Decide that being unhealthy isn’t an option. Being healthy is a must. Now act accordingly!