You’re going to bed earlier and sleeping in later, but you’re still waking up tired and unrested. You’ve tried herbal teas, hot milk, exercising, and other tips that are supposed to help you sleep, but nothing seems to be working. What could be the reason you’re waking up tired? Consider the following possibilities.

An old or low-quality mattress

If your mattress is eight or more years old, it’s likely time for a new one. Even if it’s not that old, a low-quality mattress has the same effect. The inner springs, foam, or other materials may have broken down enough that the mattress simply doesn’t support you as you sleep. This can lead to constant tossing and turning as you try to find a comfortable position, which then interferes with your sleep.

Your partner is tossing and turning

If your partner isn’t sleeping well, this can also affect your sleep — especially if the bed is too small. The restless sleep of your partner transfers to your side of the bed, interrupting your sleep and making you restless as well. You may not even realize that your partner is disturbing your sleep if it doesn’t wake you up completely. Asking your partner how they slept last night can be a good way to confirm or rule this one out.

Your mattress is too small

Did you know that two people sleeping on a double bed have as much space as they would if they were sleeping in a crib? If the thought of trying to sleep in a crib makes you shudder at the lack of comfort, now you know why sleeping on a full-size mattress might be the cause of your poor sleep. Try upgrading to a larger, quality mattress to see if it makes your sleep more restful.

Sleep apnea

If you’ve looked at your situation, changed your mattress, talked to your partner, and feel that none of those are the problem, sleep apnea may be the problem. A condition in which the sufferer stops breathing repeatedly, you would wake up often as a result of not breathing, but may not recall waking up. This can lead to feeling exhausted, despite feeling as though you slept through the night. If you suspect sleep apnea, make an appointment with your doctor. Meanwhile, try one of these home remedies.

A restful night’s sleep is the successful result of several factors coming together: good health, good bedding, and a well-rested partner. Don’t endure another bleary morning; get to the root of your fatigue and start the day off right.