The secret to getting things done lies in one simple word: Momentum. Follow these 4 mindset shifts that will help you build momentum for success.

Think about it. We learn first about momentum in physics when we’re taught: an object in motion tends to stay in motion. When applied to our lives, this becomes a powerful concept.

Think about it. You have a goal you’re trying to reach. You make some effort toward achieving your goal, but you might be a little hit and miss. Sure, you’re excited initially, but eventually, life gets in the way. You get a bit sporadic about putting in the work. Ultimately, you stop altogether.

Momentum is what paints a different picture altogether. With momentum, initial enthusiasm won’t wane. In fact, as time goes by, the impetus toward getting things done increases, and things really start happening. With momentum, you find success where otherwise you might never have found it at all.

Build momentum for success

How to attain this magical concept to build momentum for success?

Easy. Start with these for simple shifts of mindset, guaranteed to help build momentum in your life.

Tap into Passion

When we become excited about things, of course, we can’t wait to jump in and get working. This is why bright, shiny new ideas are so distracting. On the other hand, imagine what happens when you feel that kind of enthusiasm all the time. To keep this mindset, it’s simply a matter of keeping your eyes on the goal. Remind yourself often what you’re trying to accomplish and why. Hold fast to these concepts.

Explore the Ending

Want to know how the story turns out? Skip to the last page. In the same way, if you’re going to feel excited about the journey you’re on, take a look at the final destination. Visualize your project completed. What does success look like? Make this as tangible as possible, using all of your senses to describe the scene. Once you have this in mind, you’ll find you can’t wait to get there. This feeling fuels momentum.

Feel Gratitude

When we look at a situation and ask what we’re grateful for, we automatically shift our thinking to look for the good. By experiencing gratitude as you work toward your goal, you’ll build momentum off those good feelings. Positive thoughts lead to positive energy. How simple is that?

Let it Go

Sounds counterproductive to keeping the momentum going, doesn’t it? However, letting go doesn’t mean giving up. It means laying down your load for a while to rest and recuperate. You can only keep the momentum going for so long before you need to recharge your batteries. Work on being more aware of how you feel while working to reach your goal. Are you exhausted? Have brain fog? Are you feeling isolated? Perhaps you are missing out on too much of your family life? Some of the people who get the most accomplished know when to let go!

With these four mindsets, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build momentum for success where before it was flagging. Remember, be intentional and focus on what you’re doing. The momentum will follow, and so will your success.