Momentum is the magic driving us forward. The problem is, sometimes, things happen that suck the momentum right out of the day. Illness, family emergency,  even just waking up on the wrong side of the bed can all combine to make your day feel unproductive before you even set foot on the floor.  Creating momentum and keeping it flowing throughout the day is very important.

How, then, do you create momentum and get things moving again? Try these  eight steps: 

Dream Big 

Before you can even begin, you need to know what you’re aiming to accomplish.  Here’s where you’re going to find exactly what to zero in on as you move forward.  But if this is truly the case, why would you think small? Believe it or not, you’ll achieve much more if you challenge yourself. This is inviting yourself to grow! 

Stay Focused…and Positive 

This should go without saying. Keeping your eye on the prize is the only way to stay motivated when you need it the most. Remind yourself you’re going to achieve your goal. Try a pep talk if necessary. Why? Negative self-talk will always limit your ability to accomplish your goals. With the right mindset, you can go wherever you decide to go. 

Look for Inspiration When Creating Momentum

Need a little bit more of a boost? Think about your heroes. Who has been down this path before? Look for inspiring quotes. Put on music that moves you. Read biographies of people you admire. Remind yourself if others have succeeded where you are, you can too.

Focus on Your Habits 

What are the behaviors and mannerisms standing in your way? This would be a  great time to break some bad habits and maybe start cultivating some good ones.  Where to focus? Look for whatever pushes you toward good health, a positive mental attitude, and a day filled with accomplishments. 


Speaking of habits, how about picking up some new skills? Taking time out to better your mind will make you sharper and more creative in the day-to-day.  Learning is also crucial to positive brain health, enhancing cognition along with your skillset. 

Take Chances 

The only thing really holding you back is you. This isn’t the time to play it safe.  When you see an opportunity, seize it. You’ll be surprised at the paths opening up before you. 

Countdown to Bravery 

Having a hard time with risk-taking after all? Try this: Do a countdown from 5 and just do it. There’s no time for doubt when you’re in the midst of making things happen. The cool part? Acting brave tends to lead to honest-to-goodness real courage. Yes, that’s you out there doing something amazing and creating momentum. 

Try, Try Again and Keep Creating Momentum

In the end, if things don’t work, it’s ok. The main thing is not to lose the momentum you just created. Jump in there and start all over again, taking with you the lessons you’ve learned along the way.