How do you get things done? Simple…ask someone who’s already busy.

It’s an old joke, but perhaps holding more truth than you realize. Busy people really do seem to accomplish more than everyone else…and it’s not just because they’re busy. They simply have something the rest of the world doesn’t: Momentum. Follow these 6 ways to improve productivity.

Momentum is where you find flow. Things come to happen and are happening, one thing after another. Stuff gets done when you have momentum. Here is where you reach your goals.

How then can you improve productivity using Momentum?

Drop the Negative Vibe

We waste more time due to poor self-talk than anything. How can you feel the momentum build when you’re constantly reminding yourself that you’re going to fail? Momentum is built on positive energy. This means making sure of what you’re telling yourself. Is it geared toward your success or failure?

Start with Success

Need a mental boost to get started? Look at your To-Do list. Find something you can finish quickly and easily. Do this task first. Why? The little adrenaline rush for having accomplished something will launch your momentum. Quickly doing another 2-3 tasks of similar nature will cement that feeling.

6 ways to improve productivity by gaining momentum
Make a to-do list to improve productivity

Try a Reward

Need to keep the momentum going? Why not use a reward to ‘bribe’ yourself when you reach the next milestone? Having something to look forward to gives a touch of positive energy to what you’re doing and makes the journey a little more enjoyable along the way.

Build Good Work Habits

Remember hearing about having a ‘solid work ethic’? In short, what this phrase is saying is to buckle down and get things done. Momentum requires just this. If you’re not digging in and doing something, you’re not moving forward. Simple, huh?

Push a Little

How much work should you do? A little more than you think. Think about a bodybuilder lifting heavier and heavier weights over time. By taking things gradually, he’s able to build solid muscle healthily. By pushing yourself to work just a little bit more, you have the same effect on momentum.

Don’t Forget Self-Care

But don’t forget to take a break once in a while. Momentum dies out if you’re sick or weak or even just stressed and burned out. Focus on getting outside once in a while. Eat right. Exercise. Take some “you” time, including the occasional mental health day. This allows you to come back to work with more energy later, building momentum as soon as you set down to work again.

Every one of these tactics will build your productivity and put you in motion. Imagine what you can accomplish with that kind of momentum!

Sick of not making progress on your dreams? …And ready to conquer EVERYTHING that stands in your way?