We’ve all been in the position where we have habits we want to break, we set tough goals, or we have a life destroying addiction. No one envies the person with an alcohol, drug, gambling or sex addiction, but then, everyone envies the strength of the person who was able to kick the demon off their back. They do not realize the addiction never leaves, but anyone who has beaten alcoholism has certainly picked up a few tricks or psychological hacks to help keep them from falling off the wagon. Maybe they learned it from a sponsor, a book, or made it up themselves– but sharing these psychological hacks may help keep some people sober. Below is a list of five psychological hacks to help you stay sober.


Using Clothing to Remind Yourself About Your Commitment

One thing you can do is wear your sobriety band on your right wrist when you wake up. In fact, you should wear several to commemorate sobriety markers. Wearing the custom bands will remind you all day about the importance of your sobriety. Many people are now choosing to use fitness trackers like the JoyBand (shameless plug) as their sobriety band. Taking control of your life in one area frequently leads to motivation to take control in another – in this case sobriety motivating your fitness.


After you finish your daily goal and getting ready to stay in for the night, charge your tracker and switch the band to your left wrist. When you wake up the next morning, put them back on your right wrist and repeat the process. Reminders of being sober and staying fit and sober will be an active part of your appearance and daily routine.


Set a Goal Range

Any kind of addiction, especially alcoholism is expensive, so you are probably able to save quite a bit of money being clean and sober. It is time to reward yourself with a little bit of your increased income. Every week of sobriety, you reward yourself with $25 on a hobby you enjoy. For every month, you should take yourself and someone you care about to a nice restaurant. Finally, on the anniversary of every year sober, you treat yourself to a vacation.


Plan For It

People are more likely to stick to their goals if they actively plan on how to achieve them. Sobriety is no different. For the first year, find a daily planner and write down your plan for staying sober that year. Do not forget putting daily entries about your custom rubber bands to remind yourself about your commitment and the rewards.


Have A Strategy

More specifically, you should have something called an “if-then” strategy. It will help your daily planner more. For example, if you drive by a liquor store, then you snap and play with the commitment rubber bands on your arm. Also, if you have a craving, then you will always call someone for strength, such as, your sponsor, a close family member or friend or someone you grew close with at rehab. Have a plan for anything that might lead you down the road to drink, and put it in a special section of your planner.

Remember Your True Motivation

Never forget whatever or whoever your true motivation to quit drinking is. If it was you seeing a picture of yourself at your worst, then keep it visible all the time. Keep reminders of your true motivation to to get sober visible at any point in your day.


These are just some psychological hacks for overcoming addiction and staying clean. They will help you, and they have helped a lot of people. Even if one these on the list seems silly to you, remember, it made it on someone’s psychological hack list for sobriety, which means it works for them and could for you.