Congratulations on your purchase of the JoyBand!

If you are looking for setup instructions, you can download the PDF or simply watch the video below.

If you still need help after watching the video and reviewing the instructions, try looking through the FAQs below.  You can also contact us by emailing Please include your phone model and Android/iOS version when contacting support.



Where do I find the companion app for my smartphone?
For Android users, go here:
For iPhone users, go here:

Note for Android users – the current version of the companion app requires you to allow apps from non-Google sources.  If you see a warning, you can safely ignore it.

How do I set up the app and sync with my wristband?
Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.  The first time you launch the companion app, you will create a profile and then it will attempt to pair with the device.  When it begins searching, press the button on the JoyBand to activate it so it can be found.  In the device list, select the one named “Glamor” and you should now be paired!

The video above will walk you through the setup process.

Can I sync the JoyBand with my computer?
No, the USB is only used for charging.  Any communication with the JoyBand happens through the companion app from your Android or iPhone.  If you try plugging it in to your PC or Mac, the computer will say it can’t recognize the device.

How often should I charge the wristband?
When you first receive the JoyBand, make sure to give it a full charge.  From empty, a full charge will take one or two hours, depending on your USB port (some put out more power than others, and will thus charge more quickly).  The battery will last up to six days, so you should charge it at least once a week.   Since there is no external cable required, you can charge your wristband anywhere you have a USB port (at your desk, in your car, etc.)

Is it safe to shower with the wristband on?
The JoyBand is water resistant, not water proof.  So while short periods of splashing are okay, it is not designed to be submerged for extended periods and should not be placed under pressure.  For this reason, we recommend removing the JoyBand while bathing.

What do the vibrations mean?
The JoyBand vibrates in the following situations:

  • When you are receiving a phone call or text message
  • At one of your alarms (these are set in the companion app)
  • When you have been sitting idle for too long (to encourage you to move around)
  • When your smartphone is out of range (helpful so you don’t leave it behind)

Does the JoyBand have to be always paired in order to function?
No, the JoyBand will continue to track your steps and sleep when not paired with your device.  So if you leave your phone at home on a run, or your phone dies, your activity will still be tracked.  It can remember your stats for up to a week at a time, so just make sure to sync with your phone at least once every seven days.